NAC endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its principals of fair treatment, equality and well-being for all. As signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are committed to promoting human rights at work through our policies and every-day practices.

The NAC Associate Handbook reflects our commitment to equal employment opportunity, fair benefits and salaries, the elimination of forced and child labor, and freedom from all forms of harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace. Upon hire, NAC employees complete the New Hire Orientation Program to learn about human rights at work, and to understand their obligation to uphold and promote these rights through their actions.

NAC maintains an Open-Door Policy to encourage employees to report human rights concerns without fear of reprisal or retaliatory action. Reports can be filed with our administrative offices in Mexico and the U.S., and are duly investigated and addressed in accordance with NAC Complaint Management Procedures. 

Our human rights efforts to date have been greatly inspired by our participation in the UN Global Compact event ―Human Rights and Business, hosted by Harvard University in 2008. As we move forward, we will continue to draw upon this inspiration to create the best work environment possible for our employees.

We are committed to providing a workplace environment that makes our employees feel safe and secure, and promotes the health of the family unit.

NAC adheres to OSHA Safety Guidelines and all international government regulations for providing a safe work environment. Our Safety and Security Departments work with employee Safety Committees to monitor and enhance facility-wide safety and security measures. Workplace safety is reinforced through regular inspections, general safety trainings, and the implementation of physical security strategies.

NAC offers comprehensive family medical benefits to hourly and full-time U.S. employees, and staffs an on-site health clinic for employees working in Mexico.

Our health clinic in Mexico provides primary healthcare, maternal and child health services, and a variety of health education programs for employees and their families. Many of the services we offer are available at no cost to em-ployees and family members.

“We want our employees to feel valued, excel professionally, and effect positive change throughout our company.” —Tera Herman, VP

At NAC, we endeavor to provide our employees with the skills, feedback and opportunities they need to achieve their professional goals.

We employ a Knowledge Skills & Abilities (KSA) training and evaluation program to promote skill mastery, a clear path for job promotion and increased salary opportunities for skilled production positions. The NAC KSA model is used throughout our U.S. and Mexico locations.

Each of our employees is entitled to an annual review. Through annual reviews, department managers meet with employees to review job performance, set professional goals, and map a plan of action to help individuals realize their fullest potential.