We add green value to products and services by merging efficiency and cost-savings with environmental benefits.  We encourage the use of our value added services―and simultaneously decrease our carbon footprint. 

  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing (JIT): JIT allows us to postpone production to the last minute, tailor mail production to the precise count required, and achieve zero inventory. Zero inventory eliminates storage costs for mail produced in advance, minimizes waste-scrapping costs, and reduces overall paper consumption.
  • InConcert: Our web-based application allows our customers to manage their direct mail campaigns quickly and efficiently. On-line proofing and electronic approvals eliminate waste,  shipping costs and fuel emissions, associated with sending proof and approvals via mail.
  • Vertically-Integrated Solutions: reduces our carbon footprint as well as that of the mail campaign by concentrating our manufacturing operations into two regionalized facilities. This means we arenʼt shipping unnecessary components across the world. In turn, we are not only minimizing our consumption of oil and petroleum products, but additional packaging is cut dramatically. Usable products are no longer lost due to waste or damaged from shipping.
  • Commingling: By blending client mail streams to increase zip density and mail saturation in order to hit postage discounts, we also reduce carbon emissions.  The combination of mail decreases the delivery of smaller quantities, omitting unnecessary fuel and carbon emission into the environment.

It is our goal and responsibility to provide our customers with exceptional quality products and services.

We employ a proprietary Quality Management System (QMS)  to assure quality at each level of mail production, distribution and customer service. Our QMS  is streamlined throughout our processes and technology, and guides our daily actions.

Our QMS is administered by a Quality Control Department responsible for assessing customer requirements and implementing in-process inspection at critical points along the production chain.  The department is comprised of management teams and engineers specialized in quality control development, implementation and reporting methods.  Their goal is to drive continuous improvement and eliminate variance in all levels of production.  Quality Control Inspectors conduct inspections at every process level, adhering to strict quality guidelines, following structured inspection intervals, and using comprehensive methods to assure compliance with USPS and customer requirements.