At NAC, we believe our responsibility goes beyond the “mailbox.” We are committed to reducing the impact that our company has on the environment by integrating new solutions that create sustainable change.

Responsible forest stewardship is essential to the sustainability of the environment and our business. 

The world’s forests are precious, and are essential to the health of our environment. Unchecked, deforestation can cause habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, the displacement of indigenous people and violence against indigenous people occupying land with logging value.

Trees are the primary element of each paper mail product we manufacture. It is our duty to practice responsible forest stewardship in order to sustain our business, protect the environment and promote the healthy development of society.

NAC continually promotes responsible forest stewardship through Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certifications. We actively participate to educate our associates and customers on environmentally responsible practices. These practices include the usage of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified stocks. We challenge ourselves to increase the total amount of CoC Certified paper used in mail production every year.

Water is precious and scarce. In response, we are taking action to promote the sustainability of critical water supplies.

As an international company, we are acutely aware of the scarcity of clean water supplies in many regions of the world.

Without fresh, clean water, the environment deteriorates, communities suffer and business cannot thrive. Simply put, it is essential to the well-being of our society to make good water stewardship a priority.

NAC is taking action to improve water management practices, and promote the sustainability of critical water supplies. As a manufacturer of paper-based direct mail products, we yield the greatest water savings through our system-integrated recycling programs.

Climate protection is a critical element of NAC’s Environmental Policy, and remains steadfast at the forefront our social consciousness. 

Any large corporation in operation today has now become very aware of their carbon footprint. NAC is a company dealing with the mass production of paper products, thus we are even more attuned with what natural resources we utilize and how to conduct our business with the least possible impact.  We know that small changes have large outcomes and continue to implement initiatives each year to reduce our energy use, air pollutant emissions and solid waste output.   Our progress over the years has been:

  • Installed of over 200 skylights in production facilities
  • Replaced lighting in production areas with fluorescent lighting
  • Invested in thin-client technology
  • Installed a free heating system: redirects hot air from compressors in one building to a second building, eliminating natural gas consumption and expelled energy
  • Implemented in-house energy savings task