For Tera Herman, NAC is more than a company, it’s her family.  This company and the people who work for it are a part of her day-to-day life.  As Vice President, Tera originates and implements standard practices that emphasize a high performance culture within NAC. Her ingenuity, savvy business skills and direct marketing expertise push the company’s innovation and excellence throughout the industry as well.

In addition, Tera dedicates her time to a beloved non-profit organization. She serves as a Community Partner and Advisory Board Member for Beadforlife, a non-profit association working with the impoverished woman of Uganda.

Between her work at home and abroad, three dogs, a cat, daughter Mara, and husband Rob; Tera doesn’t have a lot of down time. No one knows exactly where Tera finds the time to juggle all of her hats, but many, many people are glad she does.