Rob Herman’s climb to the top was a path riddled with obstacles. As a youth struggling with dyslexia, Rob relied on perseverance to accomplish his goals. Through his conviction in not only himself, but in this company, he has made North American Communications what it is today. Rob is a third generation leader in the NAC family and has been known as ‘the man with the plan’ for the past 26 years. Clad in his trademark black t-shirt and jeans, he lives on the frontier of the direct mail industry.

As the President of NAC, Rob is constantly meeting with clients, vendors and suppliers to make sure his company is running like a well-oiled machine. When he’s not meticulously overseeing every aspect of his corporation, he can usually be found in his backyard teepee with his temperamental Pomeranian, eating Gilda’s Biscotti & Bark and contemplating the meaning of life.