How to Execute A Direct Mail Campaign

Many marketers are great at generating direct mail ideas and building creative and strategy, but when it comes to execution, it fails. Why is that? For the most part it is because there are no educational opportunities for execution, only for strategy. So how can you combat that to execute an excellent direct mail campaign?

Steps to great direct mail execution:

  1. Focus: You and your team need to have true focus on all the details of the creation, through the execution. Who are you mailing to? What is your message? What images will you use? What is your call to action? How can people respond? When do you plan to mail? How will it mail? Can you do it in house or do you need to outsource? How long do people have to respond? Are you doing any follow up? There are a ton of questions to answer before you even get to put the piece in the mail.
  2. Measurement: It is extremely important to know what is working and what is not. How can you measure direct mail? One way is by response, how many people called, emailed or went to your link. Another way is by sales, how much money was generated based on the mail piece. There are many metrics that may be important to you, so plan ahead on ways to track them before you mail. Providing a coupon code or special phone number/landing page is a great way to know who is responding to your campaign.
  3. Reports: Create reports that show your metrics so that your team knows what is working and can build off of your success. They should be posted for all to see and kept current. If you are getting more of a response from one offer than another your team needs to know it. You also need to know who responds in what ways by phone, email, website or even in store.
  4. Accountability: Everyone on the team needs to know who is in charge of what so that nothing falls through the cracks. Create a calendar of your schedule so that everyone one knows when things are due and you meet all your deadlines. Designate a point person for each section of the campaign.

Direct mail is a great driver of response as long as you send to the right people with the right offer at the right time. You will learn all of this information from prior mailings. Over time, you will build a rich data base, which will allow you to select very targeted people who are most interested on your offer. Many times we spend so much time on creative and copy that the way it gets in the mail is overlooked. You need to build into your timeline the printing and mailing of the pieces. Timing of the mail can really matter especially if you are having a limited time sale.

How to Execute a Direct Mail Campaign