With a love for all things direct mail, we started our Mail Still Matters journey. What began as a mission to collect as many photographs and stories of post offices from across the country, quickly changed gears. We decided to challenge you by asking why mail still matters? Is it because it’s trustworthy and reliable? Is it because you enjoy receiving something tangible? Whatever your reason…we want to hear it. Tell us why #mailstillmatters to you!

Love Letters

Do you communicate with anyone regularly through letters?

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No, not regularly. I have written letters. Matter a fact, a few years ago there was an article that I read that letter writing is a lost art and that people need to write things down for posterity. So I wrote my wife a nice letter and told her how important she was to me so if something should happen to me so she could have a hard copy. #MailStillMatters

Denny – Revloc, PA


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My aunt was 98 and in a home and I sent her a Valentine’s Day card.  When I visit her, that card sits right in front of her and she looks at it everyday.

-Mrs. Gearhart, Hollidaysburg, PA